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Shawna Korgan

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Shawna Korgan

On March 5, 2010 Shawna Korgan found herself holding the face of her beloved, Grant Korgan, looking into his eyes as he told her that he couldn’t feel or move anything from the belly button down, and she knew that she could not, and would not, give him anything less than the highest version of herself that he had always empowered her to be. She would draw upon the love and promises she had made to him just five months prior, and the vision of the future they had so beautifully created together.
The situation, the accident, the experience was so intense, and one that she could have never seen coming and could have never prepared for. And yet, she felt a strength rise up within her that she knew had always been there. She would draw upon her 15 years of experience as a certified personal trainer and her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Ecology to take his recovery head on, with the same drive and tenacity as Grant. She worked with doctors and therapist to devise a rigorous plan that aligns with Grant’s goal of 120% recovery. She integrates traditional forms of therapy with
spiritually inspiring techniques that transport him to the places he holds special in life.
Shawna believes that one of the greatest gifts we can ever receive as human beings is to be of service to others, and she found herself receiving this beautiful gift – the gift of not just being of service to any human being, but a human being that is the essence of her heart, the shining light in her life, her husband, her True North.
Through blogs, webinars and private coaching Shawna empowers individuals, with and without injuries, to reach their health, fitness and life goals. Shawna is currently writing her first book in which she shares her journey of The Power of Love as well as developing “The Caregiver Coach’s Guide to Balance, Well-Being and Happiness”.

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