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Grant Korgan

Grant Korgan is a motivational speaker, author,  entrepreneur, former nanoscientist, and an athlete.  Despite his spinal cord injury, which he sustained in March of 2010, and being told his cherished independence and love of life was gone and changed forever, Grant Korgan has become the first athlete in history to push himself to the South Pole, he has set the goal of 120% recovery, which he is well on his way to achieving, and has inspired thousands of others to realize their unlimited power to overcome adversity and choose positivity.  Read More…

Shawna Korgan

On March 5, 2010 Shawna Korgan found herself holding the face of her beloved, Grant Korgan, looking into his eyes as he told her that he couldn’t feel or move anything from the belly button down, and she knew that she could not, and would not, give him anything less than the highest version of herself that he had always empowered her to be. 

Through blogs, webinars and private coaching Shawna empowers individuals, with and without injuries, to reach their health, fitness and life goals. Shawna is currently writing her first book in which she shares her journey of The Power of Love as well as developing “The Caregiver Coach’s Guide to Balance, Well-Being and Happiness”.  Read More…


Love Story

Grant Korgan broke himself in half. His spine so seriously fractured, it meant replacing his first lumbar vertebra with a fused cage suspended by a set of titanium rods attached from T12 to L2. Korg had two things going for him: first was his deep conviction that lying on the ground didn’t mean he had to stay on the ground; and second was his beautiful, strong new wife. He had Shawna, his soul mate, his inspiration and purest desire to regain all the plans for the two of them that had been temporarily lost. Shawna, who owned a business in the field of fitness and wellness, left that the day of her husband’s accident, and took Korg’s recovery head on, with the same drive and tenacity as Grant. She worked with doctors and therapists to devise a rigorous plan that aligns with Korg’s goal of a 120-percent recovery. She integrates traditional forms of therapy with spiritually inspiring techniques that transport him to those places he holds special in life. The result: a man possessed with positivity in a home littered with kayaks, skis, bikes, and other cherished outlets from his past, and, more importantly, his future.

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Engagement Video

Korgans – Rise of Skorg from Grant Korgan on Vimeo.