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“Grant and I have had the incredible opportunity to work with many therapists, healers and modalities all over the world.  We are eternally grateful for their commitment and passion to empower and help people on their journey of recovery, health and well-being.  It is our desire to share this information with you for your journey, or the journey of someone you love.”


Spine Nevada

SpineNevada is a regional center of excellence for back and neck problems based in Reno. The center is the only neurosurgery led comprehensive spine center in Nevada. What makes the spine center unique is that it combines fellowship-trained spinal neurosurgeons, board-certified physical medicine physicians, spine specialized physical therapists, exercise gyms and an internal diagnostic center — all under one roof. SpineNevada takes a team approach to spine care and follows evidence-based guidelines.  To learn more please visit:

CR Johnson Healing Center

Located at 10775 Pioneer Trail – Suite #108 in Truckee, CA, the CR Johnson Healing Center is a program service of the High Fives Non-Profit Foundation that provides resources for athletes in recovery from sport related injuries. Resources include: physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, personal training and more.  To learn more please visit:

Dr. Zhu Accupuncture

Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture (ZSA) is one of a number of specialized microsystem acupuncture techniques. The more general acupuncture therapy is often called body acupuncture. In scalp acupuncture, very short, fine needles are placed on the scalp to achieve the desired therapeutic effects on the different parts of the body. This technique has yielded outstanding results for thousands of patients, and has become recognized worldwide as one of the most effective methods for the treatment of a wide variety of difficult-to-manage medical conditions. To learn more please visit:


C.O.R.E (Center Of Restorative Excercise) is a niche center that fullfills a unique need by providing the benefits of ongoing restorative excercise for individuals with chronic illness and/or debilitating conditions.  It is C.O.R.E’s belife and enduring philosophy that the risk of secondary complications and dengeratiave changes that typically follow a disabling condtion may be prevented and/or significantly reduced if restorative excercises became an important part of the daily routine of every individual.  To learn more please visit:

Balanced Body

Balanced Body has always believed that mindful movement like Pilates changes people’s lives. Our passion for positive change has resulted in our becoming the world’s largest provider of Pilates equipment and education.   For so many of us, Pilates is much more than an exercise method – it is a way of life.  Throughout the years we’ve heard people – both Pilates professionals and enthusiasts – tell us how the benefits of Pilates and mind-body exercise have changed their lives – sometimes dramatically. To learn more and hear Grant and Shawna share their journey of how Pilates and Balanced Body have been instrumental in their recovery please visit:

Body Wellness Hawaii - Alejandra Monsalve

Body Wellness Hawaii is a world-class athlete development, SCI recovery, and body optimization experience.  This facility (and the talent within) is a huge asset for athletes and individuals who desire to achieve their optimal fitness/recovery results. 

Alejandra Monsalve, Kazuko Boeker and the Body Wellness Hawaii staff all bring an exceptionally large knowledge base of the body and it’s connection with the mind to every session.  Couple this talent and dedication to the body’s physiology (with a very calming and constant understanding of your big picture goals), and you have a very powerful team behind you on your journey to heath and fitness success…

I believe with my whole heart in 120% recovery, and from day one, Alejandra and Kazuko have believed with their whole hearts as well.  I put in the hard work everyday to make progress, and with the help of my team, my wife, the High Fives non-profit Foundation, an incredibly supportive community, and the Body Wellness Hawaii team – we move closer toward that goal every single day!!!

Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation

The Reeve Foundation is dedicated to curing spinal cord injury by funding innovative research, and improving the quality of life for people living with paralysis through grants, information and advocacy.  To learn more please visit:

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The Paralysis Resource Guide (third edition) is a FREE 442-page book, a comprehensive, illustrated information tool for people affected by paralysis and for those who care for them. The guide is available in multiple electronic formats and hard copy. All formats are free.

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The information and resources provided are simply a guide of information and resources that we have found helpful in our journey. It is not meant to be medical advice. Please see your doctor/therapist before beginning any new program.