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Defining Moments… March 5th

I truly believe the greatest gift we can ever be given is to be of service to another human being.  Perhaps one of the best ways we can be of service is to share our defining moments…  So please remember to share your story, to share your journey with those around you, and always remember you are here to do something only you can do in the way in which you will do it.  Stand in your truth, live your highest version and share your light with the world.

March 5th, 2015 – as I sat down to work on exactly what I wanted to express today, on the five year anniversary of Grant’s spinal cord injury, I had many emotions, many thoughts, and when I put it out to the Universe, “what I should share today?” – the answer was “Two Feet Back”.  So I opened Grant’s first book and started reading the prologue…  Below are the paragraphs which stood out to me – these are the gems I would like to share with you now, the elements which best sum up our journey and the pearls of wisdom which still stand true five years later.


*From the Prologue of Grant’s Book: “Two Feet Back”

“From an early age, I wanted to make an impact on the world.  I worked hard in school, got good grades, started a nanotechnology firm with real-world applications.  The work I did proved to be the enabling technology in some high-level research campaigns:  potentially reducing cancerous tumors, improving homeland security, and even working toward fusion energy-and unlimited alternative power source.  I met my dream girl, got married, had money, and that was great.  I made scientific contributions, and I’m proud of that.  But it turns out that was all the easy stuff.”  “Many people think all those things were what I was getting back to – job, money, romance.  But let me tell you, when I was lying there in the hospital bed, watching my wife, Shawna, keeping a bubble of hope and positivity around me, as we slept in our van to afford physical therapy, as we used every last cent we had or could get on medical bills, I learned to accept the gifts of time and effort (and money) that people – even strangers – offered.  I found there were better parts of myself to get back to.  And, more importantly, better parts of people to love.”

Hospital - ICU - Shawna First Look _ Shawna first sees her husband, her new journey - Pam Korgan

“I think we come into this world beautiful and whole.  But life is a lesson in forgetting.  It is so easy to lose track of that better self in the chaos and competition of everyday life.  I wasn’t even aware that something vital was slipping away.  My journey through recovery has been an exercise in remembering – remembering who I am, what’s important in the world, and what love is.  It hasn’t changed me, because that person was always there.  Rather, being broken down to the core of who I am gave me the gift of being able to build back up on a much stronger foundation.”

“The day I broke my back, I took a snowmobile off a jump and into a beautiful spring afternoon sky.  Though I overshot where I wanted to land by nearly one hundred feet, I would’ve been fine but for the last two feet.  It wasn’t that I overshot my mark; it was that I overshot it by a mere two feet too much.  If I’d only gone ninety-eight feet farther than I had planned I would’ve been just fine.  If I had landed a mere two feet back, I would’ve gone home that night to my new wife and gotten ready for a new chapter in my life, just as I’d planned.  We’d had it all mapped out.

“As it happened, that extra two feet changed my life in ways I never could’ve planned for, but I’ve found I was training for it my entire life.  Everything Shawna and I have done since that day has been in service of getting my two feet back.  I’ve regained much of what the doctors were sure I had lost.  But my feet, the two feet that took me into the back woods and rivers’ edges, down the aisle, and into meetings, the feet I hadn’t even thought about in years, they became the world.  The day my feet turn from burning lumps of pain into functioning appendages, I will be back.  But I will never go back to the road I’d been traveling before. I don’t want to.  I don’t know where my feet are taking me these days, and that ‘s just fine with me.  I’m just happy to be along for the travels. “

“Thank you for taking the time to follow my journey.  I hope it helps you undo the forgetting of life and remember the good you know.  I needed a broken back to get me standing in my truth.  You don’t. Namaste”


Today Grant and I created another new memory…we experienced the bliss and joy of doing a sport together once again.  We paddled around the lake, me on my SUP and G in his outrigger canoe with Obie running along the shore with us.  The sun was shining, the air was pure, and our hearts were full.  It was a magical moment, a moment of true joy…

To continue the journey of reading “Two Feet Back” please visit:


“Change is Inevitable Growth is Optional”

There is a quote that Grant shares during his presentations and it is one that resonates with me to the core…Perhaps also because we saw this quote together while we were riding through the Nevada desert on Grant’s BMW GS motorcycle heading off for a climbing adventure in Zion, Utah.  There I was on the back of this incredible machine, geared up to the nines (safety has always been the #1 priority to G), headphones on, arms wrapped around the love of my life, feeling unlimited, free and like we had the world at our feet.  I had that moment, you know, when you feel like “Ok, everything I have been through, the ups and downs, the standing in my truth even when it wasn’t comfortable, all makes sense in this moment…I have finally reached my happy place, I am at peace”.  And just as I am in this blissful state, we ride by a sign (literally in the middle of the Nevada desert) that says, “Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional.”  Now of course Grant and I couldn’t talk about it at the time (you know helmets, 75 mph wind, headphones), but I knew he had seen the quote as well, and it had stuck with him too.  As I reflect back on this moment, sometimes I like to think this might have been a little gift from the Universe preparing us and giving us a tool which we would later draw upon for strength, courage and a reminder of the incredible power we all have inside ourselves as human beings to consciously choose what we do with and how we react to the many changes in our lives.

Now as we all know, change, even if it’s something we plan for, something we welcome – is still a process and a challenge.  And if it’s something we do not plan for, want or create, it can be even more challenging to remember, “Growth is Optional.”  But the truth still remains…”Change is Inevitable.”

So why all this talk of change?  Well, as Grant and I have forged ahead on this path of spinal cord injury recovery toward his goal of 120% we have known we would need to continue to create and welcome change…even if it made us uncomfortable.  Starting back in March, Grant and I began selling things, giving things away, and letting go to prepare us for our next leap of faith…  A journey to embark upon a Healing Tour to work with and find the modalities/practitioners/science throughout the world that could positively affect not only Grant’s recovery but gain knowledge and skills to help others with SCI and other neurological diseases like MS, Parkinson’s, etc.  Our plan is to visit some of the places/people we have already been to, to dive deeper into the methods/modalities and better document the experience, as well as seek out new possibilities, people and places.  We feel like this is the next step on our mission to infuse the world with positivity, to create change and to get Grant and I dancing the waltz once again.

So we decided to start this Healing Tour with a place and person that we love, respect and have gained unparalleled results with.  The kind of healing and results that moved Grant from walking in crutches to walking in canes, the kind of healing that has made sleeping muscles awaken…the kind of therapy I know with every ounce of my being will bring Grant and I back to the dance floor waltzing once again…  It was time to go back to Maui to work with Alejandra Monsalve.

OK great, so let’s get this healing journey started…  This is what we wanted, so let’s make it happen and really how hard could it be to pack everything up, put it all in storage and journey to an island?  Well to tell you the truth it was a challenging process, it was hard and at times and very emotional.  Everything from realizing we were going to be away from our friends, our family, my grandparents, away from our community, away from our support system & foundation, and… temporary away from our fur child, Obie – to the crazy things like me selling my couch and drum coffee table which held great meaning for me – to Grant selling all of his mountain bikes and completely getting out of our comfort zones…  All the while battling with the question, “Are we doing the right thing?”  Of course we knew in our hearts the answer was, “yes”, and with each step we took forward toward making this goal a reality (a goal that we have been working on for over a year) we gained more and more confidence and strength in the decision.  Throughout this journey we have allowed ourselves to be guided – this situation was no different, and we would continue to do whatever it took for Grant to make a full recovery.

I have always believed, and have done my best to live my life with the reminder, that life happens out on the skinny branches – for that is where the fruit is.  This concept to me is the essence of living life to the fullest…  It can be scary, exciting, grounding and exhilarating when your feet are off the ground.  To live, to breathe standing in your truth, and to know that although I might not always be in control of the change which occurs in my life, I am certainly in control of how I react to it, what emotions I attach to it, and ultimately how I choose to move forward from these endlessly occurring opportunities for personal growth.

So I guess you could say we are on our own version of an “Eat, Pray, Love” experience, and this first phase of our journey would be titled, “Move.”  Movement is the essence of life; the movement of our bodies, our thoughts, and our spirits…  We are constant energy in motion – even when we are being still we are still moving.  This “Move” portion of our journey has first begun in Maui, Hawaii and will continue for as long as it takes to get Grant’s legs moving, get his toes moving, his calves moving, and to keep his body moving in the ways he dreams about every hour of every day.

All of this would not be possible if it were not for the incredible people in our lives supporting and empowering this dream to toward fruition.  Gratitude is overflowing from our hearts…  Gratitude for our parents, my brother, sister-in-law, incredible nephew (and of course our beautiful niece Abby), and our friends whom worked tirelessly to get us moved out of our house and into storage, and who have unconditionally loved and cheered us forward no matter how steep the hill lay before us.  Gratitude for the phenomenal High Fives Foundation who continues to believe in and empower Grant’s recovery, to the incredible generosity of those who continue to donate to the High Fives Foundation into Grant’s athlete empowerment fund (allowing us to work with the best), to the phenomenal Mancuso family who have inspired to much healing, to our Haiku Ohana (family) who were an answer to a prayer for providing not just a place to rent, but a place that is magical, healing and overflowing in it’s beauty (thank you is not big enough), and to our incredible Hawaii Ohana who continue to open doors and cheer as Grant literally walks through them.  Endless gratitude to each and everyone of you for your social media shout outs, to reading Grant’s book (Two Feet Back), and for your endlessly inspiring texts and reachouts!  Gratitude to the clients who book Grant for speaking engagements to share “The Power of Positivity”, and HUGE thanks to our incredible sponsors (Navitas Naturals, BioProtein, GoPro, Balanced Body, Boost Creative, Spine Nevada, TL Waveskis, The Sensus, and BigTruck Brand), and to every single person who is pushing forward in their own life to pursue their dreams regardless of challenge…  YOU inspire us!  Thank you from our hearts…

Throughout this journey I want to share with you not only what is happening in therapy but the other insights, experiences and moments we have.  It is our desire to share because Grant and I believe as human beings it is in our nature to learn from one another, by simply being a witness to each other lives, stories and moments. I believe we are meant to celebrate each others triumphs, to be there to hold one another up during our moments of struggle, and to empower our fellow man to constantly live the highest versions of ourselves.

I want to know of your journeys; how you move through the expected and unexpected changes of life…I want to hear from you – post on social media using hashtag “choosepositivitynow”.  I want us to be a powerful reminder to one another that “Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional” – John C. Maxwell.  I look forward to growing together…


Namaste` – The Naa ~ a.k.a Shawna











The Power of Love

I love love everyday…It is love that empowers every step Grant Korgan and I have taken on this journey..The love for each other, the love we feel from our family, friends, & community, and it is love that is at “the heart” (no pun intended:) of our mission to empower others to remember the beautiful greatness, strength and power that lies within us all to overcome any adversity we face in life with courage, positivity and of course LUV!  Live your dreams…YOU ARE #UNLIMITED!!!

The Power of Love…My Journey “My love for Grant is the greatest force in my life, by loving him I am loving myself…He is the inspiration of my heart & the fuel to my fire.  So find what fuels your heart and gives life to your dreams & goals..infuse your everyday life with that #HeartandFire.  You are a being of love and light here to make a difference…You are a warrior of change, of hope, and the greatest of all #LOVE!!

Update on Grant’s Recovery – May 10th 2010

As many of you know on March 5th, while snowmobiling in his beloved Sierra mountains, Grant suffered from an L1 burst fracture of his spine which resulted in a shattered vertebrae and spinal cord damage. After a week in ICU, a month in inpatient rehab and coming upon his third week of being home, Grant’s fragile state is becoming more stable as his body gets stronger every day.

I want to express to each and every one of you how much we appreciate your continued support, love, positive energy and prayers. As you can imagine Grant and I have had some time to reflect. In these moments of reflection we are filled with a sense of gratitude. Gratitude for the amazing people in our lives, gratitude for the people that have been praying for us that we don’t even know, and even gratitude for this new path that we are on. Often times when events occur in our lives our best way to understand it is to say and to tell ourselves, “everything happens for a reason,” and while we might never get to fully see or come to know the reason, there always is one. This is a statement that Grant and I have found comfort and strength in. Perhaps because it reminds us to simply trust. To trust in the process of life, trusting that every event that occurs in our life will help guide us to a new level of awareness and understanding of ourselves.

Over the last eight weeks I have had the honor of walking side by side, hand in hand with my True North, my teammate, my husband, as we navigate this uncharted territory. It is through his incredible strength, courage, determination and love for life that Grant is making incredible progress, just as we knew he would. I am inspired every moment of every day as we celebrate every quadriceps contraction, every lift of the foot, and every step large and small that is taken.

We have felt your arms of unconditional love and support wrapped around us each and everyday. As we continue on this journey we want to share with you the progress, thoughts and moments of greatness via the KORG 3.0 page on Facebook. Your words of encouragement fill Grant’s heart with joy and legs with strength.

Thank you again for being a part of our circle.

Love and Gratitude,


a.k.a The Naa

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