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Update on Grant’s Recovery – May 10th 2010

As many of you know on March 5th, while snowmobiling in his beloved Sierra mountains, Grant suffered from an L1 burst fracture of his spine which resulted in a shattered vertebrae and spinal cord damage. After a week in ICU, a month in inpatient rehab and coming upon his third week of being home, Grant’s fragile state is becoming more stable as his body gets stronger every day.

I want to express to each and every one of you how much we appreciate your continued support, love, positive energy and prayers. As you can imagine Grant and I have had some time to reflect. In these moments of reflection we are filled with a sense of gratitude. Gratitude for the amazing people in our lives, gratitude for the people that have been praying for us that we don’t even know, and even gratitude for this new path that we are on. Often times when events occur in our lives our best way to understand it is to say and to tell ourselves, “everything happens for a reason,” and while we might never get to fully see or come to know the reason, there always is one. This is a statement that Grant and I have found comfort and strength in. Perhaps because it reminds us to simply trust. To trust in the process of life, trusting that every event that occurs in our life will help guide us to a new level of awareness and understanding of ourselves.

Over the last eight weeks I have had the honor of walking side by side, hand in hand with my True North, my teammate, my husband, as we navigate this uncharted territory. It is through his incredible strength, courage, determination and love for life that Grant is making incredible progress, just as we knew he would. I am inspired every moment of every day as we celebrate every quadriceps contraction, every lift of the foot, and every step large and small that is taken.

We have felt your arms of unconditional love and support wrapped around us each and everyday. As we continue on this journey we want to share with you the progress, thoughts and moments of greatness via the KORG 3.0 page on Facebook. Your words of encouragement fill Grant’s heart with joy and legs with strength.

Thank you again for being a part of our circle.

Love and Gratitude,


a.k.a The Naa

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