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Korg Bracelet


COMING in 2017!!!

The Korg Bracelet is a robust piece of wearable art, made entirely of bicycle components (wheel spokes and spoke nipples).  The story of the Korg bracelet began in 1999 shortly after a skiing injury in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado…  Read below for the complete story:

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COMING in 2017!!!  The Korg Bracelet is made entirely of bicycle components (wheel spokes and spoke nipples).  The story of the Korg bracelet began in 1999 shortly after a skiing injury in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, where Grant sustained many broken bones and took ~ two years to make a full recovery.  It was in those moments of downtime and creative wander, that his first company, Korg Industries, LLC was born.

At Grant’s parents home, he and his Mom were pulling into their garage after a minor surgery (multiple root canals) in Reno, NV.  He was in the process of rebuilding and upgrading his mountain bike, so myriad parts were spread across his father’s worktable.  With months of cabin fever, a lingering nitrous sensation, and a table full of toys to play with, he sat down and whipped up a quick present for his Mom.  Grant went into the house and presented her with a bracelet made entirely of bike parts.  A genuine bike spoke and spoke nipple bent and twisted into a shape that begged to be reproduced and given to the masses.  Needless to say, she loved it, and the idea to push this prototype to production was in motion.

Many months later Grant had approximately 1000 hand-made bracelets in various sizes and colors, a make-shift booth to present the product, and a series of hand-held POP (point of purchase) sales devices to reach anyone and everyone in the vendor areas of an upcoming bike industry event – the bracelet was ready to go to Sea Otter!  The Sea Otter Classic is one of the bicycle industry’s premier venues for new products, sales to fans, and the critical networking Grant would need to take this prototype to the next level.  At the end of the event, Grant and his crew sold enough bracelets to cover the cost of the trip, and had secured the connections he needed to sell these products on a larger scale (in catalogs and with distributors).

In the beginning, Grant liquidated the only asset he had to help this idea take shape.  A 1990 Toyota SR5 truck with all the goods was sold to front the costs of materials, marketing, travel, etc.  Labor was a gratitude-filled blend of great friends volunteering their time in the “sweat shop” (parent’s basement), and the donation of all his free time.  Sales were beginning to solidify, the company was taking shape, and at the end of the company’s best year, a 1998 Ford F-150 was purchased to replace the previously sold vehicle, the small profit was enough to aid Grant in covering college incidentals, and things were looking good.

In 2003, Grant landed an internship with a nanotechnology professor at the University of Nevada, Reno.  Given the opportunity to prove his worth, he jumped in with both feet…  Needless to say, Grant was 100% committed to his new path and in the pursuit of a career in nanotechnology, Korg Industries fell to the way side.  Knowing his first company’s story was far from finished; he set some inventory aside for the proverbial “rainy day”.  After breaking his back, the Korg bracelet of yesteryear had become an initial way for friends to show support for Grant’s Spinal Cord Injury recovery, and an enduring symbol of the Choose Positivity Now movement.  Today, the Korg Bracelet is a symbol of Grant’s constant desire to give to others, it is a reminder of his endless will to rise, it is a testament to the amazing humanity Shawna and Grant have seen throughout their journey, and above all the Korg Bracelet is an everyday touchstone to the simple truth that when we are truly conscious to our own unending awesomeness, we as a people can achieve every single thought and desire we have in our lives!!!

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 10 x 5 x 1 cm

L/M, S


Blue, Pink, Green, Orange, Red, Black


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